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Le Jardinier retained its
One Michelin Star in the 2023 New York Guide

Le Jardinier is an approachable yet refined vegetable-driven restaurant serving sustainable food and nouvelle cuisine from Michelin Chef Alain Verzeroli.

Rooted in classic French technique, Chef Verzeroli has created a menu where plants play a prominent role: Local, seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, and greens are complemented by wild and sustainable seafood.

Designed by renowned French architect Joseph Dirand, Le Jardinier's modern, light-filled space is a journey into a serene lush indoor garden.

Le Jardinier's cocktail program was designed to complement Chef Verzeroli’s modern, vegetable-driven menu. Drinks utilize high-quality craft spirits and fortified wines, with an emphasis on stunning presentations and specialized glassware. There is also a selection of innovative non-alcoholic cocktails made with teas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, fresh herbs, and house-made bitter tinctures.

The dining room and bar at Le Jardinier are available for a variety of custom private events.