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"Le Jardinier," French for "The Gardener," is a collaborative culinary experience crafted by the Michelin-starred Chef Alain Verzeroli and global hospitality group The Bastion Collection.Rooted in the refined elegance of French culinary technique, the Michelin-starred Le Jardinier celebrates seasonality with dishes that encapsulate the land’s rich offerings on every plate, reflecting and paying tribute to the rhythm of nature. Led by Executive Chef Andrew Ayala, our produce-centric approach places the essence of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the spotlight, enhancing the meats and seafood they accompany. This ethos also defines the dessert and pastry program, led by Executive Pastry Chef Salvatore Martone, focusing on ingredients that take the form of whimsical and artistic delights. 

Le Jardinier opened in 2019 and received a Michelin star in the same year. As of 2023, Le Jardinier has maintained it's Michelin star every year since opening. Just as a gardener carefully tends to his garden, we shepherd the story of the land through our culinary creations.